Almost Perfect Storage Containers’ Share of Drawbacks (But more People Still Use them)

Nothing can be considered perfect in this world and what you might have thought and considered as something perfect might not be the case in others’ view including the storage containers. There are people who treat their containers as important addition in their lives, but these containers have their own share of disadvantages. You might want to consider these drawbacks first before purchasing one.

The Drawbacks

A metal storage container costs higher than the plastic containers with the same size. Metal is more expensive than plastic and there are a lot of things involved in producing one metal container. Businessmen who are tight on the budget usually prefer plastic containers to store the things they need to keep safe and secure. If you have limited budget and you want a metal storage container, then you need to spend an ample amount of time in finding the most affordable metal container that your money can buy. Be prepared because you might not find something that comes close to your limited budget.

Expect metal storage containers to be extremely heavy. If you opt to buy one, it will be delivered to you by truck and the haulers will need to use lifters or other machines to accomplish their task. You need to make sure that the spot where you want to place your container is the most suitable because humans will find it impossible to lift the container by hand. If you want to move it later, you’ll have to hire a lifter.

Like most metals, the foremost enemy of metal container is rust. You need to properly maintain your container and make it practically rust-free. A treatment is applied to keep moisture out and make your container lasts for a long time. You should be wary of the first signs of rusting. You need to keep a regular schedule in checking your container and make sure that there is no rust. If you noticed that rust is starting, remove it immediately to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your container.

Why Own or Rent it Anyway?

storage containersDespite the disadvantages, lots of people still prefer using metal storage containers because they are more durable than the plastic ones. They can last for a long time if you will properly take care of them. You must do your share in extending the life of your container by preventing moisture to seep into the metal.

If you are still short on your budget to buy your own metal container, you can rent it for the mean time. There are companies that allow you to buy your rented container when your budget permits. As of now, there is no container provider that agrees with a rent-to-own option.

You can turn your metal container into an extra room outside your house. But, you can only make modifications if you have already purchased the unit. If you are just renting it, then you need to follow the restrictions set by the provider. Otherwise, you might get penalized if you failed to follow the agreement.

You can practically turn your metal container into anything that you want, but remember not to add or remove anything in the container if you are only renting it. If you already own the unit, then you can make some alterations to suit your preference or your purpose of having the container.

There are different container providers and you need to choose wisely. Write down at least three providers in your list and compare their prices, features, policies, and other pertinent things before deciding which one to choose. You also need to make sure that your container will be delivered to you and if there are any additional costs that you need to pay.

All things in this world have their pros and cons, and when it comes to storage containers, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.

Configurable VPS Server Options for Matching Clients’ Hosting Needs

Configuring VPS server options is crucial for every client. It allows them to get the right services according to their requirements and allotted budget. Host companies provide different configurable options to ensure customers’ satisfaction on their offers. Common choices that clients can set up themselves include the following:

Billing Cycle Option

VPS serverVPS server providers may offer different billing cycle options that clients can choose according to their requirements. The most common choices are monthly and yearly contracts. Monthly contracts are ideal for clients wishing to find out if the service is promising or not. After making their decision, they can choose to renew their contract or migrate to a different service provider if they find it fitting. Aside from renewing their monthly contract, they can go for longer contracts in case they are extremely satisfied with the service. Clients can choose this option right at the very beginning of the signup process to ensure they can commit to the service according to contract terms.

Data Center Site

Data centers are crucial features of hosting companies. Generally, hosting companies should build their data centers in known safe locations within the country. The site should be in a location that doesn’t experience extreme natural disasters or environmental issues. This is to ensure that the servers are safe all the time together with the data saved in them.

Aside from ensuring safety, many clients also prefer to have the data center near their locations. A host company has several data centers located in different parts of the country to make clients confident about their services. A simple click on the drop down button and clients can choose the location that will house their servers.

Number of IP Addresses

A company will find a single IP address to work for them perfectly. However, some clients require additional IP address to help them with their marketing needs like sending email marketing materials to clients. By having two IP addresses or more allows flexibility in scheduling their materials while offering more benefits in the long run.

As for the number of IP addresses available, a VPS server may have a limit of two up to three additional IPs depending on their offers. Clients can choose the number of IP address upon signing up and use them as soon as the account is verified.

Operating System

Just like regular computers, servers also run on exclusive operating systems. Clients have their own operating system preference due to specific functions they offered convenience or user’s familiarity.

Common operating system options are Linux and Windows server OS. Linux OS comes in various versions that clients are comfortable using. As an open source operating system, clients can get this operating system at no cost or for a few amounts depending on the released version. On the other hand, it’s also possible to obtain Windows operating system, which may charge clients additional fees for their VPS server. Nevertheless, the price is nothing compared to the convenience of using the operating system they prefer.

Control Panel

Control panel is the tool that serves as dashboard for clients wishing to access various programs in their servers. They can access their files and run specific programs based on what they need. The control panel comes with different format or user interface for easy configuration. Control panels may be available for free, but some host companies include control panels for a small amount with the plan. Clients can choose from different control panel offers and be more comfortable in using the service.

Essential configurable options are available for every VPS server. After a few clicks on the shopping platform, the configurations will be applied in no time. This is also a good way to ensure clients get to pay only for the services that they availed.

Learn More about Black Nickel Metal Option for Custom Military Coins

Coin makers have been innovative in offering metal types for their clients. Many of them came up with black nickel as a metal option that promotes unique appeal on custom military coins. If you’re shopping for metal options, you must know what black nickel is and what it offers.

Understanding black nickel

Just like other metal types, black nickel is not the actual metal used on coins. It’s a component plated on other metals such as steel or brass. Black nickel blending with these metals creates a non-reflective metal finish, the main reason why coins will look rare. Although the surface is non-reflective, its appearance doesn’t meet the criteria to include it with antique finishes. It doesn’t look old, but not bearing enough luster as other polished metal types used for custom military coins.

Black nickel’s essential components include nickel ammonium sulfate, sodium thiocyanate, and zinc sulfate. This component is also used for plating other products and equipment like sports equipment, automotive, several appliances, and others.

Companies plating black nickel on automotive detailing and appliances focus on improving their durability and decorative purposes. Hence, you can expect the same effect in choosing it for custom military coins. Its blackish appearance with hints of actual nickel color breathes a new appeal on coins and deviate from the usual gold, silver, brass and bronze metal styles.

custom military coinsDespite being less shiny than other metals styles, coin makers are able to bring out a good luster on this selection, ensuring clients’ satisfaction with the service. They polish the surface to bring out its smooth surface needed for military coins.

Aside from unique appeal, black nickel also promotes extra durability and protection on coins. Black nickel plating promotes better resistance against corrosion. As metals, there’s a chance for coins to corrode, especially if subjected to numerous weathering components. Enhanced protection on scratches is also a contribution of black nickel plating for coins. Plating alone immediately gives your coin two protective features that are worth investing.

Enhancing a coin’s appearance

Black nickel’s shade leaves an impression that it’s detrimental in enhancing military coins’ designs. However, this feature works to your advantage in various ways. First, the shade is considered as a generic color, which means you can use other shades on it without decreasing its appeal. A good tip is to use colors other than black on the coins’ surface. It works well with red, blue and white text colors because the dark background makes their shades look more vibrant. Texts are still readable and serve as accents on the coin.

Another way is using images. You can choose images that can be printed in 3D on the coin’s surface. While other people use colors on their logos or insignias, this shade seems to work best with regular 3D printing or embossed images on custom military coins.

Black nickel option in the market

Black nickel is now becoming a metal style among military coin collectors. Coin makers offer it as coin option under metal styles. However, it is not a part of standard options, which implies that additional fees will apply. A good tip to save money is to look for black nickel metal from different service providers, as you will find someone offering it as a free standard option.

Black nickel plating is beginning to be a famed solution for custom military coins. Its rare appearance and added protection for these prized memorabilia prompt a lot of military troops to choose this option for their military coins. With its enhanced protection, you’re assured your coins will be free from damages and dents in cases of accidents.

Rubber Bracelets as Environment Police

Rubber bracelets are widely used for different purposes among all age groups. Besides being a fashionable accessory, this type of bracelet can be used as awareness bands, party give ways, fundraising item, political paraphernalia, business promotion, identification tags and as a personalized gift. But in 2004, a new use for these bands was discovered: rubber bracelets can be used to monitor pollutants in the environment.

SW-9According to a study conducted by the Oregon State professors, rubber bracelets can tell “how dirty the air has become.” Researchers from the university discovered that these bracelets can be helpful in tracking harmful carcinogens in the environment. It was claimed that traditional wristbands can actually soak chemicals once it is exposed to the environment.

A popular brand of rubber bracelet, Live strong, was used to conduct tests to prove the claim. 30 respondents were asked to wear the bands for a month. After the experiment, the researchers found out the bracelets made of rubber can absorb toxins at the same rate as human cells.

The scientists dubbed the rubber bracelets as “personal chemical monitoring devices” because it can effectively detect chemicals and absorb them. This study was published in the paper “Silicon Wristbands as Personal Passive Samplers” where the experiment was completely described: two sets of people from two different setting wore the bracelets.

To gather a good comparison on the amount of chemical substances the bracelets can absorb, they researched on two sample groups: workers near hot asphalt and ordinary people living in the city.

Results showed that these bracelets were able to absorb around 76 toxins and containments from both experiment groups. Among the chemical compounds found were: cosmetic and fragrance chemicals, tar, coal, pesticides, oil pollutants, flame retardants and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons. The usual drink contents such as caffeine and nicotine were also found in the samples.

According to the researchers, the silicone component of the bracelets served as the sponge that soaks up the toxins and the different chemical substances. The rubber bracelets made it easier for researchers and scientists to accurately measure the amount of substances that are freely floating in the air people that breathe. The study’s head researcher Kim Anderson revealed that scientists used to rely on bulky equipment just to get samples in proving correlation between human health problems and industrial toxins. It was difficult to see which of the thousands of chemical compounds can lead to disease, because no all of them have been tested for toxicity.

The discovery of the new use of rubber bracelets was a game changer in the field. Usage of silicon-made bands made way for accurate assessment of people’s exposure to hazardous chemicals. It not only it proved to be effective pollutant monitoring devices, but it also promises a better and more convenient way to assess different health conditions caused by chemical compounds.

The Oregon State University believes that the bands can contribute to monitor environmental exposures in marginalized communities where pollutants and toxic levels were reportedly high. They suggest pregnant women to wear the silicon-made bands to help doctors and environmental scientist determine the pollutants that may affect the unborn baby, and possibly foretell the kinds of diseases the child may acquire in the future. Through this, treatments and preventions can be done while the baby is still in the womb.

In any case, the cheap and stylish rubber bracelets have proven to be worth more than it used to be. Now, it not only acts as a fashionable advertising tool but an essential device to improve health, environment, and ultimately the society in general. Researchers believe that the bands can change the way people keep track of the chemicals in the surroundings and that they could hugely contribute in the understanding of airborne cancers and illnesses.

Wearing Your ID Badge and Kinds of Badge Lanyards

Some students and employees might think that wearing an ID only gives them hassle. Badge lanyards make it easier for you to wear and display your ID badges. These accessories are usually worn around the neck so that you can have easier access to your ID badges when you need to present the same. Whether in school or in the office, you are required to wear your ID badges at all times. You do not have to think that wearing and displaying your ID badge will only irk you.

You can always think of ways how you can properly wear your ID badge without causing too much annoyance. That is why some schools and companies provide free badge lanyards to their students and employees. It does not only encourage you to comply with your school or employer’s basic requirement, but it also gives you a new view when it comes to wearing your ID badges.

BL-6There are different kinds of this type of lanyard that you can choose to wear. Depending on your personal need, you can opt to wear those plain and standard lanyards which are great for everyday use. You can even customize your own badge lanyard and choose from a lot of styles and designs.

Badge lanyards are usually made of flat polyester material and provide you with several kinds of attachment accessories. It is an ID accessory which is not only perfect for carrying and displaying ID badges but can also be used for events, conventional happenings, and even for government purposes. Some kinds also have a retractable badge reel which allows you to pull and extend the length of your badge lanyard. This is a great choice when you need to swipe your ID badge from time to time.

Some of the usual kinds of badge lanyards are those with grippers, hooks, rings, and clips attachments accessories. These different attachment accessories also have different purposes. A badge lanyard with a hook or a clip firmly attaches your ID badge to your badge lanyard. It is perfect for everyday use. Those with hooks allow your ID badge to swivel, while those with ring attachment accessories lets you attach other things to your badge lanyard aside from your ID.

You can use your badge lanyard to carry your home or car keys so that you will not waste time trying to look for them. You can also attach your USB and be able to use it whenever you need it. You can carry your MP3 player with you by attaching it to your badge lanyard as well. Choosing an attachment accessory for your badge lanyard will depend on your personal need.

Moreover, there are different kinds of badge lanyard print styles that you can choose from to make your badge lanyard look more presentable. Some badge lanyard print styles are silk screen print style, woven print style, and dye sublimation print style. By choosing from the various designs and using your creativity, you can also decide to customize your own badge lanyard. Wearing a badge lanyard can also be a part of your fashion statement.

There are also those kinds which provide you with safety features. Breakaway badge lanyards are those which prevent the risks of choking by allowing you to release the badge lanyard from your neck by pulling it. It can be easily detached and is perfect to wear in school and other places where safety is required. On the other hand, a non-breakaway badge lanyard is one that do not detach from your neck when pulled. They do not have safety features in contrast to breakaway badge lanyards and are a great choice for everyday use.

Things to Watch Out for From Live Chat Software

There is nothing more crucial than converting your visitors into customers and one of the best ways of doing so is by ensuring proper and satisfying customer support is provided. A good marketing strategy is essential, but it is an undeniable fact that with excellent customer service, visitors also find the reason to stay.

No matter how perfect a product or service is, if a visitor has inquiries and wanted to know more about it, he or she won’t be converted into a customer unless his or her questions have been answered – and these are the people that you want to give assistance to, pronto! Getting phone support is an ideal option, but it doesn’t work all the time. People hate to wait on queue. The perfect solution is to find a live chat program that can easily convert your visitors into paying and returning customers.

live chatThe demand for live chat support programs these days has continuously increased. You can find a wide variety of programs with functionalities that may differ from time to time. Each business has a different set of needs – it may change depending on their customer base, products and / or services being offered and many others. With that being said, it is always important to make sure that you find the right product that suits your budget and preferences at the same time.

Customer support, when done right, can turn the simplest visitor into a returning, happy customer. With the right tools, a business can expand their customer base, improve sales and generate more leads from traffic. Doing it the wrong way can cost you a customer, and this is one of the things that every business should avoid. Finding the right program to support your business’ needs is a crucial process, and listed below are things that one should be looking out for from a chat support program:

  • Operator Capabilities

Businesses differ in size, and the number of live chat operators a business needs may vary depending on the number of visitors the site has been receiving on a daily basis. Prior to choosing which program to use and install on a website, it is important to determine the demand for customer support. Make use of your website’s statistics and other tools to easily determine your daily visitors count, and learn the number of live operators that you need.

Checking other operator capabilities is another deciding factor. Would you rather give your live operators to perform advanced support, or would you rather keep it basic?

  • Cost

Live chat programs and plans may vary according to price. True – some are even offered for free, but decide whether you’re willing to settle with a free program with very minimal and limited features. If you’re a starting business, probably a free program might do, temporarily. But to build more rapport and gain the trust of your visitors, a professional and paid program is important.

Make sure that you are familiar with the differences in terms of these real-time chat support’s plans. Compare pricing and features, and see which ones you’re making the most out of.

  • Support

Properly utilizing your live chat support program can easily turn a one-time visitor into a repeat customer, provided that your program is up and running at all times. Experiencing problems is inevitable, but a good support behind each company is what you need. Try and figure out the type of support that you need for your business and always make sure that you have someone to turn to whenever you’re in need of customer support. Always bear in mind that you want to provide the best customer service experience to your visitors, and you can only do that when you have a great support team.

Mobile Integration to Digital Signage

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly becoming popular. Besides using them for common ways of communication like sending text messages, making or receiving calls, and surfing the internet, digital signage administrators are now trying to merge digital signs and mobile technology with great success.

Integrating mobile devices with digital signs can be as direct as making payments using your mobile phones or tablets as digital wallet technology is quickly emerging. You may have seen or heard about touch screen vending machines. These vending kiosks use digital signage technology to display available snacks along with other information such as their ingredients or nutritional information. These new machines can accept not only cash payments, debit, or credit cards but also payments from phones and tablets with digital wallet technology in them. This is done using near-field communication or NFC. Digital wallets are becoming widely used because it is not only easy and quick to use but secure as well.

digital signageTo increase their interactivity, these vending machines can also let customers connect to social networking sites so they can share the experience to their friends. They can also allow customers to take advantage of promotions like electronic discount coupons. These vending machines also have motion detectors for fun games and collecting data such as the customers’ preferred snack, and the number of times a specific person stops by the machine among others. These data are used by digital signage specialists to improve customer service.

Another way through which the mobile services and digital signage worlds collide is by directly showing advertisements or public service announcements. New digital signs can detect mobile devices in its proximity and from there, display contents.

Restaurants also utilize mobile integration. Some of them have touchscreen displays wherein customers can order through the displays. These displays can detect mobile devices so the patrons can order through their phones or tablets instead. Digital wallets can also be used to make payments. Some drive-thru joints now utilize text messaging to order food in advance and authenticate customers.

A new project called “The Store of the Future” is now being developed. In the conceptual store, shoppers can determine the price of an item without the assistance of a salesperson. Each item has an NFC chip, shoppers can place the item on a sensor and a digital sign will show its price, and other related items like a shoe of a different size or color. Touch screens would be on every corner of the store so customers can check available items. Shoppers can download an application on their mobile device specific to the store to scan items, read online reviews of the item or rate the items themselves. As per usual, the phones and tablets can be used to pay for the items.

Crowd sourcing is another rising trend. A company based in New York started a crowd-sourced project at this year’s Valentine’s Day. The company asked their patrons to send tweets of photos of them and their other half. Approved photos were shown on an electronic billboard on New York’s Time Square. Couples who participated were, in turn, sent a photo taken from above Times Square of the digital billboard showing the couple’s photo as a memento and a proof that they shared their love to the world. The photo of the billboard with their photo had a link so they could share it in social media sites.

Integrating mobile devices and digital signage is an emerging avenue for content providers to reach out to and improve the customer experience of their audience. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, social media and digital signs, this is a solution which is hard to ignore.

Team Callaway – Golf Icons Represent the Best Golf Brand

Team Callaway is Callaway’s personal team of golfers endorsing for, winning with, and loyal to Callaway Golf. Members of the team are among the best professional golf players. Inside the team’s circle, the best among the bests throughout all times are also chosen. There are only five of them and are called: “The Icons.”

1. David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter is the Callaway Golfworld’s #1 golf instructor. His teaching methods are well-known and recognized in the golf world. He started as a golfer then switched to teaching techniques in 1980. His students for the past 30 years have gathered a massive number of awards and trophies from both major championships and individual worldwide tournaments.

He now owns 28 golf academies in 13 countries. With seven published books about golfing techniques, David Leadbetter is also the world’s #1 author of golf instructions books. He became a part of team Callaway when he went to Callaway Golf to offer his services. He met Ely Callaway and the two instantly had a good bond. A five-year endorsement contract was signed afterwards and he’s been emphasizing his personal love for Big Bertha since then.

2. Pete Cowen

Pete Cowen is the world’s most in-demand coach. His students are very amazed by his knowledge and some of them even made it to Team Callaway. His coaching philosophy is about simplifying everything and focusing only on the important areas of the game. He joined Team Callaway as an ambassador in 2011.

Neil Howie, President of Callaway Golf Europe, Middle East and Africa commented on Pete Cowen’s joining team Callaway. He acknowledged Pete’s move as “a major coup in the golf industry.” Yet, he also emphasized that getting Pete to join team Callaway is a good reflection of how the company is highly committed to equipment, innovation, custom fitting, and the Tour. Above all, he further stressed, is their unwavering commitment to player performance.

Pete Cowen, on the other hand, said that he is honored to be one of this top golf company’s brand ambassadors. Standing alongside such performers and celebrities such as David Leadbetter, Johnny Miller, Arnold Palmer, and Annika Sorenstam is indeed something to be proud of. It is hard not to see the value Callaway has been able to offer golfers for the past 25 years. It has always been right at the forefront when it comes to the use of technology in manufacturing of golf equipment.  He looks forward to being part of the company as it moves forward.

3. Gary Player

Being known as “The Black Knight,” “Mr. Fitness” and “International Ambassador of Golf,” Gary Player is now regarded as one of the greatest golf players of all time. He won nine major titles in his career and more awards and titles from the major leagues and other tournaments. He held the record for the oldest golfer to every make the cut at the Masters with the age of 62. He signed an endorsement contract for Callaway Golf at the age of 65 for several products including Big Bertha Heavenly Woods Hybrids, FT-5 Tour Drivers and Rule 35 golf ball.

4. Annika Sorenstam

Annika Sorenstam is the only girl in the Team Callaway Icons and yet keeps up being the LGPA Hall-of-Famer. She won 10 major championships in her career and holds the record of having the most Rolex LGPA Player of the Year award for having won it eight times. She has won massive amount of awards from different aspects of the golfing and is considered by many as the greatest female player in golf history.

Annika has been in Team Callaway her entire career and has extended again with another endorsement contract for Callaway Golf that would end in 2016.

5. Arnold Palmer

Known as “The King,” Arnold Palmer is the most popular and inspirational golf player in history. He has won a total of 92 titles with seven major championships in his career.

He joined the Team Callaway in 2000 after someone let him try a prototype golf ball from Callaway while playing at a desert course in California. A few swings and Palmer considered the ball as a revolution to the golf industry. The golf became Rule 35 Golf later and he decided to endorse it himself.

Callaway golf equipment has always had a playability and power that golfers can’t get enough of.

Mister Information for Dummies

A mister is similar in many ways to an electric fan. It has a motor that uses electricity to power a magnet which in turn rotates blades so fast as to create a gust of wind. That is where the similarity ends. The main difference begins with how it cools the air.

Mist fans are mainly different from electric fans because they actually change the temperature of the wind they blow. That may seem amazing given how a mist fan is not as technologically sophisticated as an air conditioner, but it is actually quite simple to understand. Understanding how this works will not take a lot of in depth knowledge of physics or science in general.

Mist fans are common in large events, especially outdoors, where it’s used as a cooling solution for chill zones. However, mist fans are used for more than just cooling people. Mist fans are versatile pieces of machinery that sees a lot of use in a wide variety of applications in the industrial, agricultural, commercial and even Hollywood industries.

Those who want to learn more about how a mister works and what can be done with it can read the brief rundown for both below.

How do mist fans work?

Mist fans are not complicated pieces of machinery. Sure they are more sophisticated than an electric fan, but they are by no means as technologically cutting edge as air conditioners.

Mist fans produce mist in order to cool the air that they blow. This is achieved through a process known as evaporative cooling. While the term is unfamiliar to most people, the process itself is sure to be something most people have already experienced.

When people engage in heavy physical activity they sweat. Sweat is the means by which the human body regulates its temperature. The sweat absorbs body heat and evaporates and in the process helps cool the body. A mist fan basically does the same with air.

A mister produces micron sized droplets of water that absorbs some of the ambient heat and in the process cool the air. Mist fans have different water pressure systems.

There are three different pressures, high, medium and low. High pressure mist fans are usually employed for outdoor use. These are the big mist fans people usually see on TV in football games where the players are sitting on the bench. Medium pressure mist fans are common in restaurants or residential use. Low pressure mist fans are the ones reserved for personal use.

What is mist fans used for?

Mist fans are used for a wide variety of applications beyond cooling people. Mist fans are becoming increasingly common in industrial applications given just how cheap and effective a mist fan can be.

Factories sometimes use mist fans for odor control as the water particles stave off the foul smell. The water droplets mix with the odor producing particles thereby neutralizing the scent. Mist fans are also used to help cool heavy machinery. Any machine that requires power or moving parts will always produce heat. Heavy machines produce a lot of heat given the tremendous amount of power they need and all the moving parts that they have. Mist fans can help cool them off without having to rely on more expensive methods.

In agriculture, mist fans are used to help keep animals cool. Livestock tend to be more productive when they live in a healthy and cool environment. A cow for example will produce high quality milk. Greenhouses also use mist fans to maintain humidity. This is especially useful in places where the climate is arid.

Finally, Hollywood and stage productions use mist fans to create special effects. A mister is extremely cheap compared to the more high tech alternative which requires special liquids to work.

Author Bio:Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

SEO Services That Could Do More Harm Than Good

It is a normal thing for a webmaster or a newbie owner of a website not to think about SEO (search engine optimization) in the beginning. However, as the need becomes apparent, these individuals become like busy bees in trying to figure out the best services to avail of. Of course, webmasters at the current times are quite lucky to have easy access to a huge arsenal of online tools and seo services. In fact, all that they have to do is conduct a simple search engine query and the list of all possible solutions are presented right before them!

Most of the online SEO Servicesentities offering seo services these days are quite straightforward in telling possible customers that they are the best ones in the industry. While this may be true, not all of the services related to SEO can really be beneficial to an online site or business today. The online world is rapidly changing and this is because of the evolution of systems that are supposed to rule out the use of unethical SEO.

The most current algorithm update of Google, Hummingbird, has apparently turned the online industry of seo services upside down. Tactics that work perfectly for the traffic generation and ranking of websites 2 to 3 years back appeared to have decreased in effectiveness now. There are also services that were once good but now harm the ranking and reputation of websites. Webmasters who are aiming to fit into the 2014 online world should carefully consider which services to avoid.

Some of these SEO services are as follows:

  • Blog commenting:

    Way back in 2010, blog commenting is  one of the  best and most accepted methods of getting good ranks from search engines. More comments on a blog means that it has a wide reader base. People who run such blogs are also obliged to post their comments on the sites of those who are active in their pages. The problem with this is that some SEO companies are using automated commenting programs that leave behind a spammy link. When this is traced back to a website, it will hurt rankings and reputations already established. Blog commenting as a service is still good but a client must be careful enough to inquire if the SEO agency offering it uses manual modes of posting.

  • Article spinning:

    It is true that current Google algorithms favor content-rich pages and websites. Of course, this triggers the need for more sets of useful information on such online locations.  Good content comes from excellent writers.  However, it costs a lot to acquire original and relevant content from SEO writers. In the US, a single piece of original blog post could cost a webmaster $20 or more. Article spinning, as claimed by providers of seo services, is a cheaper and more effective way to come up with website content. Again, the problem here is when the said SEO agency uses article spinning apps. The resulting product is often low in quality and sounds weird when read with intent of finding meaning. Google has a way to detect these types of articles and penalizes the sites receiving links from it.

  • Back Linking:

    One of the most recent trends in the industry of search engine optimization services has something to do with providing backlinks from websites having the “.org” and “.edu” extensions. The domains from which these sites are found in are apparently trusted more. Therefore, it is assumed that links originating from these sites will help on building the reputation of a recipient web based site. In the beginning, this SEO tactic or service works fine. However, when it was discovered that there are forum software loopholes underneath it, search engines began tagging it as a BHSEO or black hat search engine optimization strategy.

The risky forms of search engine optimization service mentioned above don’t end with the list presented above. As long as a service contains elements of BHSEO, it will definitely hurt the ranking and reputation of a website. It is a good idea to choose service providers who are really trusted out in the industry today. Offering Professional SEO Services